Convert your old photos into digital images

Prices from just 6p per photo

  • 300dpi budget, 600dpi High Resolution, or Premium scanning options
  • 600dpi High Resolution upgrade now just 2p per photo.
  • Mix colour and black and white photos
  • Any size - from 2" up to A3 (17" x 11")
  • Priced on a per photo basis, not on pack size
  • Colour and contrast corrections included
  • Returned as JPG files on a quality branded CD / DVD or USB drive
  • Rotation check and correction
  • Free return delivery when you spend over £50
  • Free collection and return on orders over £250
  • Free unlimited grouping of your photos into named folders


Budget Large Premium
1 -100 12p 14p 42p
100+ 11p 13p 41p
300+ 10p 12p 40p
500+ 9p 11p  
750+ 8p 10p  
1000+ 7p 9p  
2000+ 6p 8p  

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How many

An estimate of the number of loose photos you have.
Note: Photos held in albums or frames are scanned separately
Scan type

Budget - Perfect for scanning old forgotten photos @300dpi
High Resolution - Larger image, better quality @ 600dpi
Premium - Cleaned and Photoshop Touch up @ 600dpi

Easy to order

1. Start by getting a quote by entering the number of photos to scan

2. Prepare your photos by removing any staples or adhesive from them, then place them in a suitable sturdy box or padded envelope and send them to us, or let us know when we can arrange to collect them.

3. We scan your photos into digital JPG format.

4. You pay

5. We return everything back to you.

More ordering info

DPI - What is it ?

DPI stands for Dots Per Inch and is basically how many dots the scanner captures per inch of your photo. The bigger the DPI the larger the resulting image will be.

How big do I need ?

We scan at either 300 or 600 DPI. 300 DPI is perfect for quickly converting old and forgotten photos into digital images which can be enjoyed on any computer or TV. They are also suitable for uploading onto social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter, or photo sharing websites such as Picasa or Flickr.

600DPI produces a larger and clearer image enabling you to re-print or view the photo larger than the orginal. If you are looking to digitally archive your old photos incase of any disaster then 600DPI is the choice to make, but for old photos from cheaper cameras 300 DPI will probably be big enough for you.


What's the Premium service?

Before scanning, each photo is cleaned to remove any loose surface dust or dirt, this then improves the quality of the image compared to our Budget and Large scaning service. Each photo is then placed onto a high resolution flatbed photograph scanner and scanned manually.

The same 600dpi scan resolution is used, giving a larger and clearer image when printing or viewing the image closer.

Touchup included : Each image is then touched up in Photoshop to remove any minor damage or marks.

However, as the premium service is a manually intensive and time consuming service it is currently limited to orders of 500 photos.

Image checking

Portrait Rotation

The orientation of each photo is automatically detected and then checked by hand after scanning.

Colour Adjustments

The colours are automatically adjusted during the scanning process to correct any faded photos. It is common for some older colour photos to take on a red hue, this is generally corrected by the software, through we do a quick check to ensure each photo looks ok.

Contrast Adjustments

Some photos may be slightly over or underexposed, the automatic contrast and brightness adjustments will correct these.


Common Questions

Do you lock the images on the disk?
No, they are standard digital JPG files which you can view and edit as you would any digital image. We place no restriction on editing, copying or sharing of the images, they are yours to use however you wish.

How long does it take?
We scan thousands of photos every day and try to complete an order within a few days of receiving it, though during busy periods it may take us a little longer. If you are in a hurry you can select our express service.

When do I pay?
You pay after the scanning is complete. On your first order, payment is required prior to us despatching your completed order back to you. Subsequent orders are despatched with an invoice.

Do I get the originals back?
Yes, they are returned along with your digital images.

Can I mix colour, black and white and different sized photos in the same order?
Yes, we can handle any sized colour or black and white photo from 2" to A3 (17" x 11").

Can you scan into named folders?
Yes, if you name each bundle of photos we will place the digital images in a named folder for you. Long folder names will be shortened, so please keep them as short as possible, such as "Holiday 1992", "John and Lisa wedding" or "Christmas 1972" etc.

Will the colours be restored?
Yes. Most old photos will benefit from some form of colour restoration, which is why we include it free with all scans. Extremely faded or colour cast photos may be beyond the automated colour correction software's ability.

My photos are old and fragile, will they be damaged during scanning?
No. The kodak bulk scanner has a patented photo handling system that won't damage your photos. However, extremely fragile photos will be scanned by hand on a flatbed scanner to avoid any potential damage.


Photo enlargements

Our large and premium photo scanning service includes a 600dpi scan, which enables you to view your images on your computer and print them at over twice the size as the original with any photo printer.

The 600dpi scan size provides a larger image, allowing you to view them clearly on your computer or large screen HD TV's.


Our loose photo scanning service scans any mix of loose photos from 2" up to A3 in size (11" x 17")

All photos should be loose, i.e. removed from a photo album or paper frame and free from any adhesive pads, staples, blu-tac or any other foreign objects that may damage our scanners or more commonly, your photos.

Photo albums

This service scans loose photos only.

Photos held in albums or frames require a degree of extra manual work to remove and replace each photo in the album or frame. They are therefore more expensive to process and are handled separately by our photo album scanning service.

Why convert your images to digital ?

Having your films, slides and photos scanned and converted to digital images, not only preserves them before they deteriorate, but it allows you to view and share them using todays digital equipment, such as computers, Digital TV's, Digital photo frames, iPod's and smartphones. You can upload them onto Social Networking sites, such a Facebook or Twitter or share them with anyone you wish using an online photo album. The images can also be imported into Microsoft Powerpoint for presentation use and are suitable for use on high resolution projection systems.

Having your images scanned to digital allows you to distribute copies of the images to friends and family and can make a wonderful birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift for a family member or friend.

All items are scanned using high quality scanners that adjust the colours, brightness and contrast levels. Digital ICE4 is included on all colour slide and film scans to remove the majority of the dust and scratches resulting in a clearer image.

No job is too big or too small for us. We regularly handle small family collections of a handful of images to major digital conversions of many thousands of images from high profile publishing houses, museum archives, universities and various private organisations and charities.

All the images are returned as standard JPG files, exactly the same type of file from a modern digital camera. You can then use the images for any purpose, display or print. We can also return scans of slides and films in uncompressed lossless .TIF format if you wish, for a small additional fee to cover the increased file size.

Photographs are scanned using dedicated Kodak photo scanners which have patented photo handling devices to handle your photos with care. Picture saving software also improves the image quality by checking and adjusting the colours and contrast levels. Our Premium photo scanning service also includes pre-cleaning the photo and a Touch up service in Adobe Photoshop®.

Our scanning resolution for 35mm films and slides is 4000 dpi, which results in files of around 8 - 12MB in size, depending on the image content and film size. Medium format films are scanned at up to 5300dpi using the latest Opticfilm 120 scanning hardware.

We can create a special rolling DVD video disk for you, that shows each image in turn on your TV, you can also choose a HD blu-ray version to show your images in HD.

We can also return your images on a USB memory stick, simply plug the stick into your computer to access the digital images. Some Smart HDTV's also have USB sockets that will allow you to display your images directly onto your TV.

Our customers

Excellent Reviews led me to trust exposure 22 with my old photo collection. After sending for a free trial, I sent off 1000 photographs to be scanned. After looking through the photos tonight I am absolutely delighted with the results, they have brought new life into tired old photos, the clarity and colour is superb. It Ticks all the boxes, quality, price, and customer service, will definitely use again and would have no hesitation in recommending exposure 22. 
Barry - March 2013

"I was very pleased with the service - as ever there is the worry that the photos arrive in good time and condition and are returned AOK. Once I have inserted the scanned photos into their albums I will package the next batch and send them off."
Eric - October 2012

"The images look great - I chose the higher resolution and I am very pleased with the results. I had a few thousand pictures, mix of slides and prints, and these were collected processed and sent back with great efficiency and all well organised in directories on the CDs. "
Paul - September 2012

"A great experience - easier than other companies to pack, cheaper than the others for 600dpi scans and in my case 100% reliable. They also managed to decipher my scrawls to set up the scanned photos (more than 2500) into folders which meant I didn't have to sort them out when they came back."
Colin - August 2012

"These are easily the best scans I've ever had - very impressive. The price might give people the impression that they may not get high quality scans, but they'd wrong. These are first rate and you have followed my detailed instructions exactly. I will definitely be sending you more very soon. Thank you for doing such a good job. First rate and highly recommended!!"
Michael - August 2012